Personal retreats

This is a chance for people come to learn about meditation and mindfulness or simply come for self-care and a time to contemplate and be in nature. We are very happy to receive people from all walks of life, ethnic traditions and religions to simply be here to rest, rejuvenate and experience the deep peace and joy of the Mindfulness Practice Centre.

We offer sitting/walking meditation every morning, a Public Meditation evening weekly on Wednesday evenings, and various other evening practices according to the needs and current community/guests. In between the periods of formal retreats and teachings, there is the deepening that occurs from the practices and experiences of simply ‘Being’ here.

You can join the meditation practices offered and also use the Dharma Nectar Meditation room for your own contemplative practices. In the local community other practices such as massage and various body/mind therapies are also available.

We offer a chance to come for personal retreat when formal retreats are not offered.


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