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Our Daughters Are Not For Sale

Through an initiative of Dharma Gaia Our Daughters Are Not For Sale we are grateful to be connected with and supporting the work of ADAPT/Vietnam. In New Zealand we welcome contributions to support their work and for our friends around the world , especially in the USA we invite you to check out the following website and to support ADAPT directly.

Adapt Vietnam
Pacific Links Foundation

True Presence – Sharing the End of Life Journey

We are happy to share with you that Dharma Gaia has been able to deepen our efforts in a particular area of community work.

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Wake Up Movement

Wake Up – Young Buddhists and non-Buddhists for a Healthy and Compassionate Society, is a world-wide network of young people practising the living art of mindfulness. We share a determination to live in an awakened way, taking a 21st Century version of the 5 Mindfulness Trainings as our path and guiding light.

The Wake Up network has grown out of Plum Village meditation centre in SW France, under the guidance of Venerable Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. Plum Village has been offering retreats to young people for over two decades, and the Wake Up movement was formally launched in Summer 2008.

Wake Up New Zealand
The Wake Up Movement

Buddhist centres around the world

Plum Village – A retreat community in southwestern France

Nhap Luu – Stream Entering Monastery – Plum Village Australia in Victoria, Australia

Blue Cliff Monastery – A retreat community in Sullivan County, New York, USA

Deer Park Monastery – A retreat community in Escondido, California, USA

Compassion Meditation Centre – A retreat community in Hayward, California, USA


I Am Home Website of the Community of Mindful Living. CML publishes The Mindfulness Bell (see below) and their website includes an international directory of Sanghas (communities) practicing in this tradition.

The Mindfulness Bell A journal of the art of mindful living in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn and Plum Village.

Parallax Press Publishes books on mindful awareness and social responsibility. Carrying all books by Thich Nhat Hanh